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The Bear is Coming Back!

Is your 401(k) 2008- proof? No.

Why? Because your 401(k ) is invested in the market!

You’re 401(k) is at risk – vulnerable to the ravages of taxes and market losses!

How would it feel to lose 10%, 20%, or even 30% of the value of your 401(k)?

Most Americans depend on 401(k) investments to carry them through retirement. And, that’s a strategy that, for the most part, works for now. But, many Americans are nervous about today’s constant market volatility. Could a 2008 bear market return? If that happens, what will be the impact on 401(k) for pre-retirees?

No one wants to experience a repeat of 2008, but market corrections are inevitable. And many experts are predicting that a recession is on the horizon. Rather than wait for the inevitable, now is the time to take action to secure and grow your investment!

Some people say it’s more important to capture the upside than to avoid the losses. Why not do both?

Here is the Good News!

There is a strategy available, used by more than 200 of the nation’s largest corporations that enable their employees to:

Stay in their company sponsored 401(k) and continue to receive the company “match”.

Reduce or eliminate loss from market downturn

   …..without penalty and without paying any taxes!!

This strategy is known as a Non- hardship In-service Plan Withdrawal .

(Consult your HR department to see if it is allowed within your plan document. If not, it can be added.)

This provision can be used to do a 60 day rollover of a portion of a 401(k) to an IRA. But….you are still exposed to market risk. A Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) cannot protect you from market loss and it cannot guarantee a tax-free lifetime income.

More Good News!

We can combine the Non-hardship strategy with additional strategies that insure that a portion of your 401(k) is protected from all market loss and a contractually guarantee of tax-free lifetime income!!

Now, you’re Bear Proof!

Let us prove it mathematically…No cost…no obligation…no sales hype. Compare your taxed plan to a tax-free income for life plan!

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